elizabeth rose wilde


Support Me


I am currently available for freelance illustration commissions. Please get in touch with me through Twitter or by email.

[email protected]




Prices are an estimate and are subject to change depending on complexity or additional requests

Pet Portrait: $25

Portrait: $30 - $50

Single Character - Half Body $40 - $60

Single Character - Full Body $50 - $70

Multiple Character - Half Body: $60 - $80

Multiple Character - Full Body: $80+

Price is dependent on background, clothing complexity, and pose (waist/knees up or full body). Get in touch with me for a quote.

Terms of Service
• All prices are listed in USD. I take payment via Paypal.
• Payment will be received 50% before and 50% upon completion.
• Commissions are for personal use only.
• Please credit my art if you post it publicly.
• For standard commissions, I will do one round of revisions.
• I will not draw gore or mecha themes. I reserve the right to deny a commission I am uncomfortable with.
• I do take NSFW commission requests. Please get in touch with me to pitch your idea beforehand.

Can I use your art as my icon?

Yes, with my permission and if you credit me somewhere visible on your account (bio, pinned tweet, etc).

Is it okay to repost your art?

I am only okay with others posting my art if they have commissioned me to create it. If you have commissioned me, it is okay for you to post my art on your personal social media as long as you credit me.

Can I have free art?


Can you draw for any fandom?

Yes! If I am not familiar with the media, I do ask that you provide me plenty of references. As always, I reserve the right to decline any commission that makes me uncomfortable.

Can I commission you to draw me/my family members?

Of course!

Can I commission you to illustrate my fic?

I’d love to. I’m also okay with my work being posted with your fic on AO3 as long as it is properly credited.

How do I commission NSFW content from you? Do you charge more?

My NSFW content follows the same pricing rubric as everything else. Please send me a message for a quote.

What do you use to draw?

I use Procreate on an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.

Is it okay if I draw something inspired by one of your drawings?

Absolutely! If you were inspired by me, please tag me in the post. I’d love to see it.

Can you add something to your Redbubble if I ask?

Sure! Send me a DM and I’ll see what I can do.